Communication Terms Receiver




Definition:The listener or the audience of a message in a communication process(Keith 1993)

Mydefinition: To be in possession of something availed to me that needsmy action.

Example:when a lecturer gives us a lecture, i usually go the library andreflect on the lecture and research more on the topic.


Definition:Process in which output of an action is returned and which bringschange to the recipient’s action.

Mydefinition: my feelings and thoughts towards an action eitherdirected at me or someone else.

Example: It was really respectful and nice of Janet’s sister to assist herboss’ daughter at the airport.


Definition:Filtering is the process of altering the original message either byadditional or removal of some information.

Mydefinition: manipulation of information so that only specificinformation is conveyed and not full.

Example:if I was to convince my mother to take me to the zoo, I would use thefact that we will find young ones of the animals even if there are noany young ones. This is because of her affection for young ones ofanimals.


Definition:culture is a way of living of people the customs and beliefs of aparticular group of people.

Mydefinition: a certain behavior that people may adopt.

Example:in my culture it is prudent for a visitor to be welcomed with tea.


Definition:norm is a standard pattern or behavior that is generally acceptable.

Mydefinition: An everyday typical way of doing things that is usuallythe same way every time, for instance, family values.

Example:It is my family’s norm to go up country to visit my grandparents,it is our tradition.


Definition:This is a concept that depicts power sharing or distributed in acommunication process.

Mydefinition: It’s a decision between two people and their mutualagreement on how power should be spread between.

Example: Power distance in my village is very unequal and not veryconsultative some people regard themselves as having more power thanothers.


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