Ethical Matters in I.T.

EthicalMatters in I.T.

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EthicalMatters in I.T.

Justlike other fields such as health, some ethical issues are associatedwith Information Technology. Different issues arise with the mannerin which information is shared within the global community. Theprivacy of such enormous amount of information is one question athand. Some of the material transferred between nations carryinformation that has a greater impact on crucial factors such assecurity, yet the privacy infringement is still safeguarded.

Inthe course work, some facts on privacy infringement were learnt. Theuse of electronic tracking in observation if people’s moves raiseethical concerns about the privacy of the individuals (Jones, 2004).The employment of this technology, however, has greater benefits inensuring that the nation is safe and that any questionable moves byindividuals are monitored for the sake of the country’s security.Some of the beneficial roles of information technology such as thedelivery of services to individuals without infringing on theirrights or privacy were learnt.

Tomake IT more profitable and the tracking system more useful in theprovision of the required services, sanctions on privacy will be madetighter. The people should be protected from privacy infringement andalso protect the officer conducting the task thus meeting the ethicalrequirements.

Thecourse has been beneficial in teaching on the ethical importance ofmaintaining privacy and protection of the same when undertaking taskssuch as electronic tracking. The roles and responsibilities of themonitoring system should be in line the ethical requirements of thestate or country.

Withthe current globalisation and high growth of technology, differentissues have erupted in the IT world. First, hacking of systems hasbecome accessible and individuals can access vital information fromsystems such as those by the government (Jones, 2011). Cyberterrorism has also increased at this age (Hillstrom, 2011). Thisraises ethical concerns on whether the government has enough capacityfor protecting the information of individuals.


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