Health Issues Associated With Old Age

HealthIssues Associated With Old Age

HealthIssues Associated With Old Age

Assomeone ages, the body’s immune system and nerve systems weaken,thus making the body organs to become prone to disease. Diseasebecome prevalent in the old age compared to any age set in one’slife span. There are various diseases that are related to old age inthis essay, I will discuss vision loss and Alzheimer.

Tobegin with, Alzheimer’s is a type of memory loss that affectsbehavior and thinking. It is not an ageing disease as it affectspeople also at the age of 40 or 50 years a condition referred asearly onset Alzheimer’s but as the age increases it becomesprevalent. It worsens over time as someone loses memory, the abilityto converse and respond to the environment. The condition has no curethough medication can be used to slow down the process of dementiaand improve the quality of life.

Thesecond health problem is vision loss, can be caused by glaucoma,diabetic retinopathy, cataract or macular degeneration. It isestimated that a large population, especially in the USA, areaffected by these eye diseases (Rovner, B. W., &amp Casten, R. J. 2001).It is good to eat foods with high antioxidant elements and usevitamin supplements, as they are useful in limiting vision loss. Itis advisable for macular degeneration patient if they are smoking tostop, as smoking hastens vision loss.

Thepatients with above conditions have been associated with depressionand reduced socialization as they cannot do what they previously did.Reduced life quality has been highly associated with Alzheimer as aperson can no longer rely on his or her reason. These patients needclose supervision to maintain the nutrition, hygiene and evenmobility and above all emotional support.


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