Ivan`s Observations in ABC form

Ivan’sObservations in ABC form






10:03 am

Ivan is seated while facing the children with his arms fidgeting with clay

None observed

He is calm but appears to be disturbed from the look on his face

He remains calm

10:07 am

He appears to be smiling while starring at other children jumping and shouting

None observed

He is smiling from the children’s activities

He smiles and appears to be in a good mood

10:12 am

He drops the clay in his hands and raises his head to look at the airplane briefly then goes back to what he was doing.

Ivan is then an airplane passes over our heads

He stares at the airplane with instances of anxiety

He briefly leaves everything he is doing with his hands

10:15 am

He lies down and lifts her limbs to the sky

None observed

None observed

He makes faces and appears to close his hands, a sign he is enjoying the heat from the sun

10: 23 am

He is working on his clay undisturbed, but he appears to be bored

One of Ivan’s classmates shouts towards him to join him in jumping rope

He appears to be mad at one of the children

He loudly shouts “No!” almost immediately and with finality