Jerry Uelsmann



Afirst glance at this particular image by makes onebelieve that it is a complicated image that no one can be able tointerpret through a simple view (Hirsch, 2012). Making judgment bythe composition of the photograph, the egg is seemingly having a goodtime lying in the nest as the scene is serene and beautiful.

Uelsmanntook the photograph in the drenched room and displayed it in a blackand white material. The photo has a sort of dark and almost blackedging to the point that it gets into contact with the brighter side.On the floor of the scene seems to have rectangular rough brickstones that also make up the edge. At the center is the protrusion isa pair of man’s hands. Centered at it is a bird’s nest that holdsan egg that appears to be afloat. Below the nest is the wrist thatlooks like the stem of a tree that spreads to the background.Additionally, the subject that are the two hands located at theforeground grasp together in a position in a way that they make theloosely held nest to stay intact (Hirsch, 2012).

Theprinciples and elements of design, texture, contrast point of view,focus, contrast and the lines are evident in the photograph. Forexample, the dark to almost black section as well as the sparklingwhite foreground illustrates an intense contrast and emphasizes themood contained in the picture. Moreover, the texture of the stonewall in the illustration, the hands, and nest are outstandinglyexposed to build a distinctive feel and atmosphere to the photo. Therough lines and diverse shapes used make the image well designed. Aninstance is the leading lines formed in the mid-ground. Moreimportantly, the photographer has organized the photograph and hascomposed it to be proportioned throughout its sides. The point ofview of this image is death and life because of the use of the nestand the egg. The nest represents an ill omen and particularly deathwhile the egg stands for a new life on earth (Hirsch, 2012).Thegrass lines are coming from the egg chamber and gradually go to theentrance of the nest as a mark to an end.

Theegg and nest again play the role of signs and symbols of a new lifeand death. Uelsmann attempted to develop an image whose denotation iscontrasting as it can be simple, but at the same time complex. Theimage correlates with the period of Surrealism when the style ofcolor or tonal range as technical aspect was more popular. Even withthe use of black and white tonal range, the photographer stillmanaged to convey a new sense and meaning of life through the image.

Throughthe photograph, Uelsmann was successful in availing the inspirationof a new life and death. Equally, the photograph could againillustrate Surrealism as the latest life in photography. Theinterpretation can match a new form of Surrealism. Uelsmann’sartwork portrays a unique implication to the other images that he hadalready taken, but the style he applied was still the same. Thephotograph is diverse and different to the other pictures and bringsan appealing mood through the special and elements and the technicalaspects of design that Uelsmann used (Hirsch, 2012). This is a goodquality artwork because it is unusual and honest in a way thatreveals the point that Uelsmann was trying to make.


Hirsch,R. (2012). Lightand lens: photography in the digital age.CRC Press.