Measuring an Applicant`s Characteristics (Irontown Case Study)

Measuringan Applicant’s Characteristics (Irontown Case Study)


Measuringan Applicant’s Characteristics (Irontown Case Study)

Inthe modern management world, much emphasis has been focused onemployee’s satisfaction and management. This is after organizationshave realized workers are an essential part of an organization thatis focused on growth. With reference to the case in focus, Irontownis one organization that has realized the importance of its employeestowards the realization of its objectives and goals. This is throughthe organization’s use of CSRs (customer service representative),with the focus on building the organization reputation/image. Throughthe implementation of CSRs, the employee productivity is focusedupon. In Irontown, customers are offered direct assistance, aninitiative that has greatly focused on rebuilding the organization’simage. The organization’s HR dedicated their effort towards thesatisfaction of employee’s needs (Armstrong, 2010). This paperentails an analysis of the organization’s current proceduresimplemented in the hiring process, with the key focus being onidentifying an efficient strategy that would be implemented towardshiring of qualified, reliable as well as competent employees whowould work in the Irontown.

HiringPractices at Irontown Incorporation

Thefirst step is to identify the current hiring practices which arebeing practiced by the Irontown organization. With a focus on thecase study and the provided information, hiring in Irontown is mainlyinfluenced by the recruitment of CSR level 1. Through therepresentative taken by the organization, they are given theresponsibility to cater for the customer’s needs, and in order tobe effective, they are undertaken through training in order for themto acquire important and relevant skills. The HR department Imandated with the procedure to determine as well as the competenciesthat they are required by the employees in order to excel in theposition of working in the Irontown organization, and serve theircustomers. Through the application process, the applicants arerequired to submit their applications through the human resourcedepartment. Varying details are to be captured through theapplication process. Some of the important look out for the potentialemployee include the ability to manage conversations will allcustomer, and especially the demanding ones, the applicant should befluent in The English language through speaking, reading and writing.The applicant should possess basic computer skills, and finallyshould be available for morning and late evening working shifts.

Strengthsof Irontown Hiring Practices

Focusingon the organization`s hiring process, the process is very efficientas it captures the applicant’s skills such as language which is anessential aspect with regard to the job description, as the CSR is infocus for an individual with impeccable communication abilities. Thiswould be effective when communicating the customers. On the otherhand, the basic computer skills as required in the application form,this is a key domain with regard to the customer service which willbe required with the practice of data entry (Disselkamp, 2009). Inaddition, to the strengths, the organization (Irontown) have a planto establish and employee pool which will help in accessing customerinformation easily in addition to helping in recording newly obtaineddata and also at an improved speed. This would help to reduce thetime taken to access customer information.


Despitethe numerous strengths identified above, the hiring practice inIrontown is equally faced by shortcomings. One of the key weaknessesfacing the practice is the random practice of selecting the qualifiedworker basing on the idea that, the employee is flexible to fit inany shift available. The employees in the organization are invited toparticipate a process of two-week training. This, in turn, is a poorselection criterion which isn’t formed under any professiondeterminants. In the first place, the random selection is onepractice that itself is against the HR management practices as wellas ethics which themselves advocates merit-based hiring. With thisapproach, the organization (Irontown) may be losing out on valuableemployee assets who might be of great contribution to the growth ofthe organization.


Withregard to the case facing the Irontown, the HR department shouldfactor in deploying CSR1 applicants and employ them on a permanentbasis. In additional to morning and evening shifts, the departmentcan also plan for rotational shifts for the successful employees.This will ensure that the employees are well versed with any shift,and also have prior know-how hence, will be able to adjust when achange in shifts occurs.

Inorder to ensure they have the gotten the best employees for thevacancies, the organization should consider conducting the oralinterview in order to ensure the applicants have good communicationskills. The oral interview will ensure and effective balance of theskills required for the position, and in turn, the applicants will betaken the best, and who have a good balance of skills for a customerservice occupation.

Finally,the organization should consider implementing employee monitoringstrategies such as software’s which would be used to manage theemployee attendance. Such system would help in implementingmonitoring programs for the HR department, and, in turn, ensuringmaximum productivity for the employees working not only in thecustomer service section but even the rest of departments (AmericanBar Association, 2006). On the other hand, the system would save makeit easy for managers to make an effective follow-up to the employees,and also improving self-discipline among employees.

Legaland Ethical Issues in Hiring

Oneof the major contributing factors in the hiring process is the legalaspects of the labor law. With a focus on this, the HR departmentshould ensure no discrimination whatsoever. The hiring committeeshould ensure race, religion age, disability, and genderdiscrimination are avoided at all cost. This is due to the fact that,discrimination has serious and damaging legal repercussion. The HRshould ensure hiring is based on merits in legal aspectnevertheless, the application of affirmative action may result infavoritism for groups of people such as the disabled. Affirmativeaction helps in bringing into the organization the minority groups(American Bar Association, 2006).


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