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Itis clear that New Mexico was engaged in a war with America and theMexican territory was highly threatened. The authorities of NewMexico were making every effort to defend their territory (Prince, &ampPrince 1913). On the other hand, America declared war on Mexicoimmediately after New Mexico had gained independence from Spain. Itis against the background of those events that the source wasdocumented. It contained basic identification details of the authorand the recipient.

Thesource was a letter by Jesus Tafolla and was written on 20th January1847.It was addressed to military inspect general to bring to hisattention a planned attack on Mexico territory by the Americans army.HE was in Mexico at the time of writing the letter and was one of thesenior government officials of the Mexican government. He was incharge OF intelligence and information on security and wasdemonstrating his authority in the provision of the information. Theintention of the author was clear and the letter depicted a point inhistory when Mexico was engaged in war with America over control ofNew Mexico.

Theauthor created the source in an effort to play his rightful role ofinformation sharing. As a senior officer of the Mexican government,he had a duty to provide current information on the securitysituation in the country. He was obligated to inform about theprogress of the enemy so that necessary measures could be institutedto counter any attacks.

JesusTafolla viewed himself as a patriot who had a role to play indefending his country. He was determined to do all he could for thesake of his country and its people. It is for that reason that he wasrequesting the inspector military general to double the double thenumber of combatants so that they could effectively counter theadvances of the enemy. He created the source so that he could playhis role as a senior officer in his government. The letter was alsomeant to be a reference point in determining future military actionsagainst American invasion. The source was created so that themilitary inspector general could justify his actions of increasingthe number of combatants at the time and in the following years.

Theauthor had a valid augment. In his request that the militaryinspector general increased the double the number of troops, he wasacknowledging the fact that America had a strong army which could notbe easily defeated. He requested that there should not be a delay inresponding to the request as there was little time left. He felt thatall officials in authority had a duty to defend their country. Healso saw the need for all officers in the government to cooperate sothat they could better defend their country through an exchange ofinformation.

Theintended audience, the military inspector general may feel as if heis deemed not to take his job seriously. This could be informed bythe fact that Jesus held a lower rank in the government. The militaryinspector general may, therefore, view the request as interferenceand may not heed the request. He may hold the view that the rightprotocol of communication was not followed which could lead toinaction on his part.

Atthe time, Mexico was in war with America over the control of NewMexico. Many of the New Mexican natives had been arrested theprevious day by Americans due to attempt to stage a coup. The letterwas influenced by factors and events unfolding at the time. Theletter was also influenced by the greater struggle between Mexico andthe America over territorial integrity (Coan,&amp AmericanHistorical Society, 1925). It was also largely influenced byhistorical injustices meted on Americans by the Americans. Severalhistorical records have documented the conflict and, therefore, thesource is consistent with known historical facts.

Thesource gives an insight on the war in New Mexico after gainingindependence from Spain. It provides a summary of events that weretaking place in New Mexico at the time. It also highlights theresistance that the natives of New Mexico offered in the effort tostop American invasion. It is important to mention that the appointedgovernor, Charles Bent had just been murdered and the natives wereengaged in a resistance against the Americans (Prince &amp Prince,1913).


Theletter by Jesus Tafolla on 20th January of 1847 though brief depictsan important period in the history of New Mexico. It providessignificant insights into historical events that were taking place atthe time. It a vital document that highlights the communicationstructure of the Mexican government at the time. From the letter,students of history are able to gather a lot of backgroundinformation of the period. It is an important document in providinginformation of resistance of natives in New Mexico.


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