The Babbitt Analysis

Lewis Sinclair’s Babbitt 4

TheBabbitt Analysis


18February 2016

TheBabbitt Analysis

Babbittby Lewis Sinclair is a novel based on the life story of GeorgeBabbitt, who hails from the city of Zenith. He is a successful46-year-old middle-class businessman who has the modern conveniencesat his disposal as well as a family of four. Although he loathes hislife, he introduces the social changes experienced in the 1920s dueto the subsequent economic boom in America, after the First WorldWar.

Theera in which Babbitt’s life is set is characterized by socialadvancement regarding lifestyle and cultural trends. We see theadoption of new gadgets like telephones, automobiles, electricity andmovies. We also see the increased industrial growth, consumerdemands, and economic prosperity of the Zenith’s inhabitants.Babbitt is fascinated by all the new gadgets on the market and alwaysacquires them irrespective of their importance in his life. Heprovides his family with everything, “Every second house in FloralHeights had a bedroom precisely like this. He has provided his familywith “the latest conveniences.”1

Heenjoys his Evening Advocate comic strips as a way of showing thegrowth in literature and art. He also joins various clubs.2He is a member of the city’s baseball club indicating the likingfor sports during the 1920s. He also spends some time at the moviesto pass the time. The new working hours introduced during this eracompounded by the increasing economic growth allowed people toparticipate in such leisure activities. Babbitt is also involved inan extramarital affair with Tanis Judique,whichsignifies the advent of unfaithfulness in marriages in this era.3All these social changes in Babbit’s life reflect the changes seenduring this period.


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