The Internet Assignment


TheInternet Assignment

15February 2016

Topic1: TheUse of Fiber-Optic Cables

Fiberoptic cables are used in both short and long distance transmission ofdata, voice and videos from the source station to the finaldestination. This technology uses various types of fiber-opticcables. After encoding the specified data from source station intoelectrical signals, these cables provide a waveguide for the photonsas they are transmitted along the optical path to the receiver(Barnoski, 2012). Fiber- optic technology application has grown overthe years and is now used in large scale to transmit data around theworld. For example, the internet undersea cables used to transmithigh speed internet necessary in both small and large corporationsfor secure communication and surfing.

Theyare also used in various sectors of the economy such as the military,cable television stations, biomedical field, telemedicine,intelligent transportation systems, space exploration and automobileindustry. These sectors utilize the high bandwidth provided by thefiber optic cables to transmit large amounts of data securely andfast. This technology has revolutionized the internet connection inthe world by reducing the cost and increasing the speed ofconnection. Many people can now connect to each other and share theirlife’s experiences through videos, voice data and raw data.

Topic2: Equipment Found in a Typical Data Centre

Datacentre is a central facility that manages an organization’s orcompany’s information technology operations. A typical data centerhas several sets of equipment. The usable space usually called thewhite space is the storage room for all the main and other supportingequipment. Uninterrupted power supply equipment such as generatorsand power banks ensures constant power supply. Environmental controlresources such as computer room air conditioners, exhaust systems andheat, ventilation and air conditioners maintain temperature andhumidity levels of the data center.

Thereare security systems for both biometric and video surveillance suchas CCTV cameras and biometric security scans. The main IT equipmentused in the actual processing and storage of information includecomputers and software, servers, fiber-optic cables and other typesof cables, racks, storage hardware and firewall software for securityof information. These data centers are manned by operations staffsthat carry out day to day monitoring and maintenance of the facility.

Overthe years, we have seen evolution of data centers. They have adoptedvarious technologies to maximize resource usage as well as optimizeflexibility (Greenberg etal.,2009). The adoption of green data centers has also reduced the highpower requirements. Such technologies as cloud technology have seenincreased on demand data storage with easier accessibility of thedata at any time and place. This has increased the scale of datausage and increased networking across the internet.


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